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Student of the Year Nominees

As the competition continues for the search for the 2018-19 Erath Middle School Student of the Year, here are the top 10 students. The next level of competition is writing. Good luck to all! From left to right: Sage Suire, Sophie Stephens, Randi Suire, Emma Sonnier, Ann Rachel Touchet, Alexandra Simon, Avery Grace Hebert, Nathan Touchet, Nathan Hardin, and Lili LeBlanc.

Nominees for SOTY


SOTY Nominees

Erath Middle recently named their student of the year candidates. One student from the group will then be named the EMS student of the year for 2018-2019.   Nominated students are (no particular order):  Samuel Goutierrez, Claire Gremilion, Lily Leblanc, Micheal Romero, Alexandra Simon, Emma Sonnier, Owen Stutes, Alexander Touchet, Nathan Hardin, Leah Richard, Randi Suire, Nathan Touchet, Brooks Boullion, Avery Grace Hebert, Brian Nguyen, Kimberly Kieu, Dylan Duhon, Jolie Saucier, Lani Guillory, Sophie Stephens, Sage Suire, Ann Rachel Touchet and Aliyah Wyble.