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Triple "A" Status for Erath Schools

TRIPLE "A" status for Erath schools!

This year again, the three Erath schools in the 70533 zip code area all made an “A” with their State School Performance Scores. 

Though it is the 3rd year that Dozier Elementary made an “A”, Principal Karla Toups’ opening statement for her announcement stated something new. She shared that “Dozier Elementary had ranked as the top elementary school in Vermilion Parish and 34th in the state out of public elementary schools”

That same day, Erath Middle Principal Wendy Stoute proudly shared, that “Erath Middle ranked 1st in the parish, 1st in the region and 7th in traditional middle schools in the state of Louisiana!” This was the second year Erath Middle was 1st in the region.

Since the state starting assigning school performance scores, Erath High has been at the top. When scores were announced, Erath High Principal Marc Turner said, “I am extremely proud to share that Erath High School is the #1 traditional public high school in the State of Louisiana. The rankings have been released by the LA Board of Education, and we are on top for the 5th year in a row.”

To celebrate their “triple A” school status, the three-schools met on Thursday, December 6, 2018, at Robert J. Segura Stadium at Erath High to host a block party with over 1600 Erath students, teachers, leaders, staff members, and parents. 

For the photo, the school leaders decided to spell “ERATH” with a focus on the “A” in the center which represented their triple “A” status for Erath. Erath Middle made the E and R, Dozier Elementary made the large red "A" and Erath High students formed the "T and H". Erath High Band Director Kenny Broussard used his drone for the photos.

After the photos were taken, treats were served to the students and they were able to enjoy their “Block Party” at Erath High school altogether! The students, teachers, and leaders all enjoyed celebrating their “A” status together. To all involved, it was agreed that “It was a great day to be a Bobcat!”